COSFIL: A Project Beginning in 1988, a Success Story


Our plans are defined by the establishment of business targets compatible with the company’s sustained development which have alway followed the modernization and focused the continuous growing quality.

The preservation of environmental and cultural resources and the respect for diversity are also some of our concerns which have always been with us throughout our growth.

The performance of a company such as Cosfil goes much beyond the financial results as these are only reachable through a responsible policy based on the experience and continuous study regarding new techniques and the development of new products.

Today, Cosfil is an exporting company. It is a challenge we embrace with enthusiasm and responsibility. The internationalization is offering a new direction not only to our company but also to our domestic economy.

  • 1994 – Cosfil started an important stage of production modernization.
  • 1996 – Cosfil inaugurated its new facilities with 13.000m2.
  • 2000 – Cosfil became a certified company through the norm NP EN ISO 9002.
  • From 2001 onward - Cosfil became a certified company through the norm Öko-Tex Standard 100, Nº 998 for socks for men, women, children and baby (Class I products) produced with the yarns of cotton (including recycled), polyester, polyamide, elastane recovered with polyester or polyamide, and their blends.
  • 2003 – Cosfil made the transition from norm NP EN ISO 9002 to the new norm NP EN ISO 9001 which remains until the present date.  

Total harmony between what is produced and what the customer needs

Quality Policy

In order to keep a consolidated growth, based on the continuous quality of its products/services, the implementation of a Quality Management System according to the Norm NP EN ISO 9001 has been one more step in the search of total satisfaction from its customers through good practising and labour techniques focused on the following objectives:


  • Identify and meet successfully its customers’ needs and expectations through the production and trading of its products according to the agreed and understood demand.
  • Develop cooperation business relations and team spirit with its suppliers and customers. 
  • Identify constantly loss sources and minimize its effects.
  • Promote the active participation of all cooperators through the training promotion and professional qualification.
  • Assess and improve continuously the efficiency of the Quality Management System through the implementation and promotion of COSFIL competitiveness.



Innovation is the successful exploitation of new ideas


Cosfil in Pictures

The balance between the progress and nature

Social Responsibility

During many years Mother Nature, farming and its linked traditions have been despised in Portugal.

During many years Mother Nature, farming and its linked traditions have been despised in Portugal.

From 2004 on COSFIL has taken the initiative to revive these 3 identity pilars.


The company therefore has a farm next to its facilities where projects in the fruit and small animal fields have been developed. This has allowed to recover green spaces (a total of 20.000m2), develop traditional fruits and provide its cooperators and relatives a healthy relationship during their free time. The farming art being born from them can allow them enjoyable moments among everyone. 





  • Address: Rua de Ufe
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